Sekiro Tournament Format (April 6)

The April 6 Sekiro tournament format will be a "Deathless Race" whereby players are required to finish the game dying as few times as possible at the fastest pace they can achieve. Players will be scored based on their final in-game time (IGT), as adjusted for a per death time penalty.

Player Requirements:

  • Personal best on the run of 3 deaths or better
  • Competitive IGT
  • High quality stream setup, at least 720p/30, and 2,000 bitrate+
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Availability on April 6 from 10 am - 5 pm (EDT)
  • A nominal entry fee may be required for new tournament runners


  1. HOW DO I ENTER? Send a DM to McRaptor on discord (!discord at or Twitter (@McRaptorTV)
  2. WHAT'S THE DEADLINE? Monday, April 1
  3. WHAT IS THE ROUTE? Immortal Severance %
  4. WHAT DEATHS COUNT? All, including Genichiro first encounter and resurrections
  5. HOW MANY RUNNERS WILL THERE BE? Depends on how many runners have a consistent run by tournament time. Runner slots will be limited.
  6. WILL THERE BE FUTURE RACES? Absolutely, and no damage races when the format is ready. If you don't make it into this tournament, there will be plenty of future opportunities.

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