Sekiro: Deathless Race Rules

Winning Condition:

The player with the fastest (death adjusted) in-game time (IGT) wins.


  • Immortal Severance
  • Players must beat the final boss on the route and trigger the end cutscene

Deaths/IGT Penalty:

  • Any death in the game counts, including deaths the player resurrects from
  • Deaths to the tutorial boss (Ginichiro Ashina 1st appearance) count
  • Drops off cliffs do not count as a death unless the player actually gets a death screen
  • Each death carries a 10-minute IGT penalty

Additional Rules:
  • No glitches (e.g Snake skip) or out-of-bounds (e.g. Bull skip)
  • Skips not requiring glitches or out-of-bounds are allowed (e.g. Ashina castle)
  • No quit outs or force quits


  1. Can't wait. I'm trying to finish this game before the race so I don't get any spoilers. Also deaths you res from counting is insane, can't tell you how many times I've died in this game lol. Good luck to all the runners.

  2. thrillbo here. good luck to all the runners. i'm not finished with game either, twitch has been brutal recently because of spoilerinos haha. I'm probably at like 'midgame'?? I just talked to sake boy granddaddy after beating geni and his stupid fucking bow :p