Sunday, March 17, 2019

The tournament that almost wasn't

Yesterday's Dark Souls Trilogy tournament was the best yet. But it almost never happened.

On Friday night, after the tournament draft and Resident Evil 2 exhibition match, I was celebrating a bit with the wife. These tournaments take a ton of work to organize but everything was in place--it was a great feeling! A couple glasses of wine and Game of Thrones episodes in, I went into my office tweak some camera settings for the tournament. Somehow, I knocked my tripod off my desk, right into my fiber internet modem. The same fiber internet that had never dropped a frame in 10 tournaments.

Tripods, it turns out, are deadly, because the evil thing severed my fiber line...12 hours before the biggest tournament I've ever done. In that moment, I wanted to Sekiro. Please Alt+F4.

Twelve runners, half a dozen commentators, thousands of viewers, all counting on my trusty internet connection.

Months of planning all seemingly destroyed by a single clumsy moment.

Friends to the rescue. I reached out to the GGLeague discord immediately, and the amazing members of this community came up with back up plans and talked me off the ledge.
I jumped into JoeDD's stream and asked him for a quick discord call to come up with contingencies. We worked it all out. Joe's a damn MVP.

My neighbor offered up their son's room and Comcast WiFi so I could stream the tournament. Their son is the same kid I slayed 30x over in Fortnite months ago. He almost uninstalled. But Fortnite kid gave up his room so I could stream the biggest Dark Souls tournament to date.

Comcast only dropped 900 frames in 9 hours. Pretty good. Even Comcast was on my side.

It really is dangerous to go alone. It's a cold dark place with no internet, no one to laugh with and nobody to have your back when shit goes down.

Thanks to everyone that had my back this weekend and thanks for the reminder that I'm on the best team there is on Twitch.


  1. Fortnite kid is the true MVP of the tournament. Glad it worked out, was an amazing experience to watch the tourney go down!! Keep up the good work man!

  2. Massive props to your neighbour and fortnite kid!