Thursday, March 21, 2019

March 21 is Officially the SoulsBorne DAY OF DESTINY

On the eve of Sekiro, The_Happy_Hob and Otzdarva both did the impossible---they beat their INSANE SoulsBorne hitless challenge runs, with only hours left before Sekiro launch.


The_Happy_Hob had been working for months to get the "God Run," or back-to-back Dark Souls Trilogy, Bloodborne, and Demon's Souls "no hit" or "hitless" run. If he didn't get the run, he'd have to get a tattoo---a constant reminder of a missed opportunity. He came to call his final attempt before Sekiro the "Destiny Run."

Going straight through from the afternoon of March 20 into the wee hours of the morning on March 21, Hob finally beat the run and became a legend once again. There was so much celebration in the community, that the "GOD RUN" was even trending on Twitter!

Otzdarva's Dark Souls 2: All Boss Hitless Run

Otzdarva has been working on the Dark Souls 2 All Boss hitless run for a long time. He got all the way to the 41st boss last year, and tragically took a hit on the Ivory King. He picked the run back up this year, and got back to the Ivory King, the 41st and final boss, and devastatingly took yet ANOTHER HIT. But Otzdarva refused to stay down....

With only a few hours left on March 21, the day before Sekiro, Otzdarva amazed a massive audience when he FINALLY beat the Ivory King, the 41st and final boss of Dark Souls 2, taking no hits from bosses or enemies the entire way. Not only did he achieve a World First run, he did it on the most special day in Dark Souls challenge run history....

...and thus March 21, as the legends go, became the SoulsBorne Day of Destiny

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