Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sekiro Deathless Race (April 6)

It's official, the first GG League tournament in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will be the "Deathless Race" on April 6, beginning at 10 am EDT. With ten Dark Souls and Bloodborne tournaments in the books, we've very excited to bring you this fresh and exhilarating content in From Software's latest title. The prize pool is $500.

The Deathless Race

Each player is tasked with completing the Immortal Severance route of Sekiro at the fastest time possible without any deaths. Each death counts against the player for a brutal 10 minute in-game time (IGT) penalty. More information on the rules can be found here.

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  • Distortion2 
  • Squillakilla 
  • Otzdarva
  • FaraazKhan
  • Kwitty23
  • SayviTV
  • Decc
  • Blueberrybrioche
  • GinoMachino
  • Eden_Issue
  • DonnyRekt
  • Colmer

Don't miss the action---the Deathless Race begins April 6 @ 10 am EDT

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

March 21 is Officially the SoulsBorne DAY OF DESTINY

On the eve of Sekiro, The_Happy_Hob and Otzdarva both did the impossible---they beat their INSANE SoulsBorne hitless challenge runs, with only hours left before Sekiro launch.


The_Happy_Hob had been working for months to get the "God Run," or back-to-back Dark Souls Trilogy, Bloodborne, and Demon's Souls "no hit" or "hitless" run. If he didn't get the run, he'd have to get a tattoo---a constant reminder of a missed opportunity. He came to call his final attempt before Sekiro the "Destiny Run."

Going straight through from the afternoon of March 20 into the wee hours of the morning on March 21, Hob finally beat the run and became a legend once again. There was so much celebration in the community, that the "GOD RUN" was even trending on Twitter!

Otzdarva's Dark Souls 2: All Boss Hitless Run

Otzdarva has been working on the Dark Souls 2 All Boss hitless run for a long time. He got all the way to the 41st boss last year, and tragically took a hit on the Ivory King. He picked the run back up this year, and got back to the Ivory King, the 41st and final boss, and devastatingly took yet ANOTHER HIT. But Otzdarva refused to stay down....

With only a few hours left on March 21, the day before Sekiro, Otzdarva amazed a massive audience when he FINALLY beat the Ivory King, the 41st and final boss of Dark Souls 2, taking no hits from bosses or enemies the entire way. Not only did he achieve a World First run, he did it on the most special day in Dark Souls challenge run history....

...and thus March 21, as the legends go, became the SoulsBorne Day of Destiny

Monday, March 18, 2019

Sekiro Tournament: Get Involved

If you've been following the GGLeague tournaments, you know that our first big Sekiro tournament is just a few weeks away on April 6. It's going to be huge! Many viewers have reached out about how to get involved, either on logistics for the tournament or entering as a tournament runner.

Here's an overview of how you can get involved:

Logistics Team

Due to the size and complexity of this tournament, we need about a dozen members on our logistics team. This is a simple but VERY important job to ensure the success of the tournaments. We need the following the logistics or "Tech Team" members:

Scoring Specialists---we need you to carefully watch a group of 2-4 runners to look for any deaths or rule infractions. You then need to communicate and coordinate with other scoring specialists to relay this information to the tournament casters/commentators via discord DMs.

This is a very important job and requires knowledge of the Sekiro no damage run. You don't need to be a runner, but you need to have a good understanding of the run's rules and flow of the game. We need a minimum of 10 scoring specialists for each tournament, including on April 6.

Communication Specialists---we need logistics specialists to communicate messages to tournament runners and commentators, moderate chat, and provide other support.

No specific game knowledge is required, although it's helpful. This is best for people with good communication skills!

Artists/Video Editors/Programmers/etc.

In addition to tournament logistics, we always need artists/video editors/programmers/etc. for specific projects. If you want to be involved with any of this, please reach out to me (contact info below).

Tournament Runners

We expect to have a large number of runners from Team Hitless, however there is plenty of space for new blood. In fact, we're hoping to see a TON of new faces in these tournaments. Here are the requirements if you want to be a tournament runner:
  • Reliable and consistent performance on the Sekiro deathless/no damage run. Your goal prior to the first tournament should be at least a 3 death PB on the run and a competitive time as well since matches will be scored based on in-game completion time, with a penalty for damage taken. 
  • Must be a Twitch streamer with a reliable internet connection and good quality stream. Stream quality must be at least 720p/30 fps and 2,000+ bitrate. You cannot participate if you cannot stream during the tournament.
  • You must agree to our code of conduct for the tournaments (more information to come), which includes your permission for us to restream your tournament run and you must be respectful (at all times) to other runners, commentators, and casters. You also must agree to using ethical behavior when it comes to self-reporting on match performance.
  • There may be a small (~$10) entry fee to compete. Members of Team Hitless are exempt from this requirement. The purpose of the fee is not to generate revenue but to ensure that those entering are serious about running and will be reliable when it comes to tournament day.
  • Tournament runners who cancel last minute, or habitually sign up and cancel, will not be allowed in future events. Tournament schedules are always posted in advance and schedule changes are rare. Clear your calendar ahead of time and make sure you have time to run and practice before asking to join.
Contact Us

If you have more questions, or want to participate on either the logistics team or as a tournament runner, please DM me on Discord (preferred) or Twitter (@McRaptorTV). You can join the McRaptor discord by going to and typing !discord in chat.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The tournament that almost wasn't

Yesterday's Dark Souls Trilogy tournament was the best yet. But it almost never happened.

On Friday night, after the tournament draft and Resident Evil 2 exhibition match, I was celebrating a bit with the wife. These tournaments take a ton of work to organize but everything was in place--it was a great feeling! A couple glasses of wine and Game of Thrones episodes in, I went into my office tweak some camera settings for the tournament. Somehow, I knocked my tripod off my desk, right into my fiber internet modem. The same fiber internet that had never dropped a frame in 10 tournaments.

Tripods, it turns out, are deadly, because the evil thing severed my fiber line...12 hours before the biggest tournament I've ever done. In that moment, I wanted to Sekiro. Please Alt+F4.

Twelve runners, half a dozen commentators, thousands of viewers, all counting on my trusty internet connection.

Months of planning all seemingly destroyed by a single clumsy moment.

Friends to the rescue. I reached out to the GGLeague discord immediately, and the amazing members of this community came up with back up plans and talked me off the ledge.
I jumped into JoeDD's stream and asked him for a quick discord call to come up with contingencies. We worked it all out. Joe's a damn MVP.

My neighbor offered up their son's room and Comcast WiFi so I could stream the tournament. Their son is the same kid I slayed 30x over in Fortnite months ago. He almost uninstalled. But Fortnite kid gave up his room so I could stream the biggest Dark Souls tournament to date.

Comcast only dropped 900 frames in 9 hours. Pretty good. Even Comcast was on my side.

It really is dangerous to go alone. It's a cold dark place with no internet, no one to laugh with and nobody to have your back when shit goes down.

Thanks to everyone that had my back this weekend and thanks for the reminder that I'm on the best team there is on Twitch.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Dark Souls Trilogy Tournament: Final Results

Congratulations to Team Otzdarva for the 1st place finish; Team FaraazKhan takes 2nd place!

  • DS3 - Decc, JoeDD, McRaptor
  • DS2 - BBGainz, JoeDD, McRaptor
  • DS1 - LadyZoe, SuperTatchi, JoeDD, McRaptor

Monday, March 4, 2019

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Tournament

YES, IT'S HAPPENING: the first Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Tournament is April 6.

This going to be HUGE. More details soon. Follow @McRaptorTV on Twitter to stay up to date.