Saturday, January 26, 2019

Tournament First Round: Upsets & Heartbreaking Runs that Slipped Away

If there's anything that these tournaments teach you about runners, consistency is INCREDIBLY hard to maintain. Colmer scored the best run in the previous tournament and GoesonGhost had the best qualifier run in the tournament, but BOTH of these runners were eliminated in the First Round.

DonnyRekt, who has been somewhat inconsistent game to game, showed off his prowess and knowledge in Bloodborne and eliminated FaraazKhan with a comfortable lead. Mogenkai went into his match knowing the godlike powers of his opponent, Kwitty23, and despite his best efforts, he too was eliminated. Kwitty had the best run in the entire tournament so far, scoring a 1-hit run at a quick 1 hour 42 minute pace.

Squillakilla was similarly on pace for a great run, but a few rare hits added up to a 5-hit finish for him. He was able to eliminate GoesonGhost and advance to the semifinals, but that performance won't likely carry him into the finals. But knowing how Squillakilla operates, we're likely to see the well oiled machine that he is going into the semifinals on Saturday (February 2).

One of the most interesting runners to surface in this tournament though is Eden_Issue, whom many were unfamiliar with prior to the tournament, but they're going to remember him now. He's fast, consistent, and has deep Bloodborne knowledge.

We return to the semifinals and finals (back to back) next Saturday, Feb. 2 at 10 am EST. These final matches are going to incredibly competitive. See you at game time!

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First Round Group A VOD

Interview with GoesonGhost:

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The FIRST ROUND approaches

The eight runner, single elimination Bloodborne "hitless" tournament (all bosses, main game) officially starts on Friday (Jan. 25). The minimum prize pool will be $250---$150 to first place, $100 to second.

The qualifiers were intense. 

Commentators FaraazKhan and McRaptor both picked Posiitiive as a shoe in for the #5 seed (top placement coming through the qualifiers). In the end, the commentator curse prevailed, and Posiitiive was eliminated by hitting the maximum hits. SlipperySuzie, a previous contender in other tournaments, also was eliminated by scoring the maximum 10 hits. Lethal3585, resident strat master in Bloodborne, also watched his run slip away by narrowly avoiding a max hit run, instead scoring 9.

DonnyRekt and and Mogenkai were neck and neck most of the run, but eventually Donny pulled ahead and finished with a respectable 4 hit run, followed by Mogenkai and Eden_Issue at 5 and 6 hits, respectively.

The star of the qualifiers: GoesonGhost

But the star of the qualifiers was GoesonGhost, who earned herself the top qualifying placement in her first tournament. She breezed her way through most of the arcane run, making few mistakes along the way. Logarius caused a late run scare, but she recovered and scored a 3 hit run---which by the way, was the best score of the previous all boss tournament. Now she gets a chance to prove herself against the Edgelord himself---Squillakilla, three-time tournament champion, multiple world first record holder.

Tournament Schedule

  • Friday, Jan. 25 @ 2 pm EST --- First Round | FaraazKhan v. DonnyRekt | Colmer v. Eden_Issue
  • Saturday, Jan. 26 @ 11 am EST --- First Round | Kwitty23 v. Mogenkai | Squillakilla v. GoesonGhost
  • Saturday, Feb. 2 @ 10 am EST --- Semifinals, Finals

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

GG League is Here!

We've talked about this a lot, but the time for talk is over----the GG League is officially launched! More details to come in the future, but we're taking the hitless tournaments to the next level this year. More content, more games, more fun, more....everything?!

Thanks for your support, and GG!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Bloodborne All Bosses Hitless Tournament

Eight runners compete head to head in single elimination format to see who can score the least hits, the prize pool, and most importantly, the ultimate bragging rights. Format is all bosses main game (no DLC).

After the tournament, there will be an incentive BONUS DLC RUN.


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  • Qualifiers---Jan. 21 @ 11 am EST
  • Qualifiers---Jan. 22 @ 11 am EST
  • First Round Group A---Jan. 25 @ 2 pm EST
  • First Round Group B---Jan. 26 @ 11 am EST
  • Semifinals & Finals---Feb. 2 @ 10 am EST

Recent Tournament Highlights, courtesy of Otzdarva's legendary video editing:

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Upcoming Hitless Tournaments

It's been just over a week since the last tournament, but we're already working on the next ones! Here's a little preview of what we've got planned for the next few months (until Sekiro launch):

  • Bloodborne all bosses (no DLC) --- minimum 8 runner elimination tournament
  • Dark Souls 2 (any%)
  • Dark Souls 3 all bosses
  • Dark Souls Remastered all bosses

Also, if you're a hitless runner, we need more runners in Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls Remastered (all bosses). DM me on Twitter (@McRaptorTV) or in discord if you're interested.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Thanks for a FANTASTIC 2018 of hitless tourneys!

We had a great year on team hitless. Seven different hitless tournaments, thousands of viewers, and crazy support from the community for prize pools and charity. In the Hitless Winter Classic, we raised over $600 for charity in a single day event. If you haven't had a chance to donate to our charity, you still have time! Use our Quip affiliate link ( to snag a $25 starter electric toothbrush kit and we'll get $55 from Quip for our children's charity!

Thanks to everyone that's supported the tournaments, and looking forward to even higher level performance in 2019!

If you missed the most recent tournaments, all the VODs are up at Here's the latest matches from the Hitless Winter Classic: