Friday, September 14, 2018

Dark Souls 3 Hitless Tournament Schedule/Rules

The hitless tournament is HERE! Matches begin Tuesday, Sept. 18.

Round Schedule:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 18 - Winner's Round One
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19 - Winner's Round Two, Lower Round One
  • Thursday, Sept. 20 - Lower Round Two
  • Friday, Sept. 21 - Lower Round Three
  • Saturday, Sept. 22 - Winner's Finals, Lower Finals
  • Sunday, Sept. 23 - GRAND FINALS
    • Original DS3 hitless run rules apply, such as staggers count as hits, deaths count as hits, and jailer damage count as one hit per occurrence.
    • No quit outs/glitches/out-of-bounds.
    • Environmental damage from swamps (e.g. poison) do not count as hits.
    • Run is any%, but optional bosses break ties (more below).
    • Storyteller staff is banned.
    • Three pre-vordt resets are allowed. No others.
    • Magic/bows are banned, unless you do not use a melee weapon at all (pure pyro build, for example). Spook/hidden body banned regardless of build.
    • 3 hour maximum time limit for any%.
    • Ties are decided by optional boss “pools”. More info available via !bosspool command at
    • In the event of an “overtime” match (due to a tie), the match ends when each runner has completed a boss and the tie is broken. For example, if it goes into overtime, each player fights Greatwood. If player 1 takes no hits, but player 2 takes a hit, player 1 wins.


    1. Please add links to respective players' Twitch channels for those of us who do not know them all.

    2. All the exact channel names are included in the bracket.