Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Surprise Upsets, Tense Final Rounds, and Questioning the Validity of McRaptor Predictions

Last week's Bloodborne tournament was amazing to cast. There were so many surprise upsets and tense final rounds. If anyone at the beginning of the tournament would have said that VikingBarudda, after a rough start, would make it to the finals and force a sudden death match with Squillakilla you'd say they were nuts. But that's exactly what happened.

After getting knocked down to the lower bracket, Viking went 5-0 through JoeDD, FaraazKhan (aka "Cannon strats"), DonnyRekt, Kwitty23, and his first match against Squillakilla. Like what?? But it probably wasn't a surprise if you've been a fan of Viking for awhile. He adjusted his strats after the early loss and went slow and steady throughout the rest of the tournament.

In his final match, with everything on the line, Shadows of Yharnam fired three fireballs, all of which appeared to connect with him (https://clips.twitch.tv/HonorableGenerousGuanacoVoHiYo). On the commentary cast, FaraazKhan, DonnyRekt, and I all analyzed the hits and determined it was only two (vs. three), but it showed how tense and close these matches can get. It was the first time in a hitless tournament that we used instant replay on the cast, and it really added to the overall esports nature of the event.

Squillakilla went on to win the second match in the grand finals, securing that #1 spot. VikingBarudda and Kwitty23 placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Each of them scored a share of the $550 prize pool, which was raised through the generous support of our viewers.

If you somehow missed some of these amazing matches, we've got the winners/lower bracket finals and grand finals matches right here. We've also got a full playlist of the tournament, which includes all commentary casts: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMDp4qDJxcZx84u1iXrwP5YdzqjM22Toq.

Hope you guys enjoyed the tournament as much as we did.

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