Thursday, August 9, 2018

First Round Bracket is LOCKED IN! Matches on Friday!

The Dark Souls 3 hitless tournament bracket is in!!!

8/10/18 @ 7:47 pm (EST): Updated Bracket

The competition is already heating up with the newest runners in the tournament! GinoMachino secured the #1 seed through a zero hit run in the qualifier. The_Happy_Hob was right behind him with a 1 hit run, followed by DavidTankre (2 hits and a 1 hour 34 minute FINISH!) and FaraazKhan (2 hits).

First round is tomorrow on each runner's Twitch channel. Don't miss it!

Semifinals and finals are on Saturday (Aug. 11) starting at 3 pm (EST). Tournament broadcast with commentary will be at

See you there!

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