Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Another Dark Souls 3 Hitless Tournament!? It's Happening August 11.

Qualifiers and first round are happening next week, with the semifinals/finals beginning approximately at 3 pm (EST) on August 11! We're excited to announce participation from the following legendary hitless runners: (champion - last tournament)

Also running in the tournament:

  • DonnyRekt (2nd place - last tournament)
  • SlipperySuzie (3rd place - last tournament)
  • Gimme_Dopamine (3rd place - last tournament)
  • CouchJockey
  • Imapi
  • DavidTankre
  • GinoMachino
  • Posiitiive
  • Tigerg92
  • AronTheBaron
  • Jaxsensei

Where to watch?

Tournament Broadcast/Commentary:
Watch individual runners on their Twitch channels

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